Aa en Hunze

Aa en Hunze ( listen? / I ) is a municipality in the north - northeast of the Dutch province of Drenthe. The name refers to the plane passing through the city rivers Drentsche Aa and Hunze. The community had on 1 January 2013 account for a total 25,544 inhabitants on the 278.16 km ² large municipality, of which approximately 0.18 km ² water surface. The municipality was created in 1998 as a merger of the municipalities Rolde, Gasselte, Gieten and Anloo.


The municipality of Aa en Hunze consists of 35 districts. The administrative center is the village of Gieten.

(State of the Population: 1 January 2013)

Next districts, which are not recognized as official districts are:

Aft 't Hout, Bonnen, Bonnerveen, Bosje, Broek, De Hilte, Eerste Dwarsdiep, Gasselterboerveen, Gasselterboerveenschemond, Gieterzandvoort, food web, Tweede Dwarsdiep and Veenhof.


The next elections for the municipal council are held in 2014.

Mayor Eric van Oosterhout ( PvdA).


Aa en Hunze is connected since 2012 by twinning with Opočno in the Czech Republic and Żerków (Poland).


In the municipality of Aa en Hunze following bus routes: