Aagaard Islands

The Aagaard Islands ( Bjarne Aagaard Islands ) are a group of more than ten small islands off the coast of East Antarctica. They are located about 1-3 kilometers west of Proclamation Iceland off the coast of Enderbylands.

The islands are a natural hold for the drift, which is driven by the flow along the coast and is pressed by the northern swell against the shore. A report by the United States Hydrographic Office in 1943, reported numerous penguin colonies on the slopes of the islands and a rich Robben inventory. In a report, the researcher J. Cooper from 1985 is noted, however, that he could discover in a helicopter flight over the islands no signs of penguin colonies on the islands.

The Aagaard Islands were discovered on 13 January 1930 by the British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition under Sir Douglas Mawson, who named it after the Norwegian Antarctic historian Bjarne Aagaard ( 1873-1956 ).