AAI Corporation Aerosonde

The Aerosonde is a small unmanned aerial vehicle ( unmanned aerial vehicle UAV) belonging to the AAI Corporation Company Aerosonde Pty Ltd. , Which has been developed since 1991 for the collection of weather and atmospheric data (temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed ) over seas.

The machine is powered by a modified Enya R120 model airplane engine and has a computer, meteorological instruments and navigation, a Global Positioning System (GPS ) on board.

The U.S. military is testing under the name XMQ -19A the suitability of the Aerosonde Mark 4.4 for reconnaissance missions.

Record flight

On 21 August 1998, crossed a Laima called Aerosonde was the first UAV the North Atlantic from west to east in the non-stop flight. Takeoff and landing were performed manually by remote control. The actual overflight led by Laima automatically. The flight distance was 3270 km, the average altitude 1,680 m, the flight time 26 hours 45 min.