AAI RQ-2 Pioneer

  • United States United States
  • Israel Israel

The AAI RQ -2 Pioneer is an unmanned reconnaissance drone (UAV). It was originally developed for the reconnaissance of targets of fighting ships of the American Navy. In the meantime, it is also used by other American armed services for the clarification.


You start the aircraft from a catapult, with the support of a booster. The landing takes place by means of a safety net. Alternatively, the drone can also be operated from a secure start and runway.

Since 1991, the Pioneer UAV has flown several missions during conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

A typical Pioneer system consists of up to 8 aircraft, a ground control station, a tracking radar, a mobile control station 4 receiving stations, a pneumatic or rocket -based launch pad and a safety net for landing (optional).


  • Primary Application: target reconnaissance for ships, reconnaissance, surveillance
  • Manufacturer: AAI Corporation and IAI
  • Engine power: 19 kW
  • Length: 4.3 m
  • Start Weight: 205 kg
  • Wingspan: 5.2 m
  • Speed: 205 km / h
  • Maximum working time: 4 hours
  • Service ceiling: 4,600 m
  • Tank Capacity: 46 liters
  • Payload: Infrared and Electronic Sensors