Aaigem is a borough of Erpe -Mere at the Molenbeek- Ter Erpenbeek in Denderstreek in the Flanders region. It lies in the southeast of the province of East Flanders and belongs to Arrondissement Aalst. The borough is bordered by the boroughs burst, Bambrugge and Mere and the municipalities of Haaltert (Part communities Haaltert and Heldergem ) and Herzele (Part communities Woubrechtegem and Ressegem ). Aaigem has 2116 inhabitants ( 1 January 2003) and an area of 7.32 km ². The population density is 289 inh. / Km ².


Like all Flemish place names " gem" is also that of Aaigem etymologically back to a Germanic composition with -Haim living space, Heem ( German: Home ) and a derivation on " inga ", the first part is usually the Germanic male names Ago reconstructed, the name of an otherwise unknown person. The whole " Agingahaim " it means Agingenheem ( Aging Home in German ), the residence of tribal members or supporters of the Ago. The earliest mentions were in the 11th century.


  • The Engelsmolen or " Molen te Dalhem " (also Molen te dAlmè called ) is an overshot water mill and is in Engelsmolen 1 Previously it was a corn mill, oil mill and flat vibrating mill. Only later a grain mill. Protected by law ( Rijksmonument ):
  • The Ratmolen or " Waterrat " is an overshot water mill and is in the Ratmolenstraat 42 Previously it was a grain mill and oil mill. Later, it was only a grain mill. Protected by law:
  • The Zwingelmolen is an overshot water mill and is in the Aaigembergstraat 10 Previously it was a corn mill, later a chicory. The waterwheel is also situated nearby, the mill was converted into a house. This is not a listed building.
  • In Aaigem the Sint- Niklaaskirche stands. Aaigem belongs to the deanery of Lede.


Waterwheel of Engelsmolen in Aaigem

Ratmolen in Aaigem

Waterwheel of Ratmolen in Aaigem

Zwingelmolen in Aaigem

Place where the water wheel in the Zwingelmolen Aaigem was

The Church of Aaigem


In Aaigem the football club SK Aaigem, the (2012 ) is currently active in the third Provincial of the Province of East Flanders plays.


  • By Aaigem the Molenbeekroute runs. The Molenbeekroute is a bicycle route, known above all the mills of the community Erpe -Mere and two streams, both of which bear the name Molenbeek ( mill creek ). By Aaigem the Denderroute South runs.
  • He is a 205 hectare nature reserve: the yolk in the boroughs Aaigem (municipality Erpe -Mere ) and Heldergem (municipality Haaltert ).

End of a closed town in Aaigem