Aalborg Municipality

Aalborg Municipality is a municipality in the Danish North Jutland.


Aalborg Municipality has a total population of 203 448 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) and covers an area of ​​1137.30 km ². The administration has its headquarters in the city of Aalborg. The municipality is located north and south of the Limfjord, whose situated east, river -like opening into the Baltic part is also called Langerak.


It was created on 1 January 2007 as part of local government reform by combining the "old" Aalborg municipality with the previous municipalities neck, Nibe and Sejlflod. It is the third largest municipality in Denmark to Copenhagen and has been overtaken by some incorporations with over 190,000 inhabitants, is the third largest so far Municipality of Odense.

The municipality in figures

The Aalborg municipality covers an area of ​​1143.99 km ².

Population ( each January 1st):

  • 2007-194149
  • 2008-195145
  • 2009-196292
  • 2010-197426

Localities in commune

The municipal area, the following villages are more than 200 inhabitants ( byer as defined by the Danish Bureau of Statistics ), with a registered population of zero, the place in the past had more than 200 inhabitants. With the local government reform in 2007, the statistics office put the village Godthåb in before the amalgamation lived 1664 inhabitants, with statistically Svenstrup together. In the table this is indicated by A. The village Kolby had in 2009 still 205 inhabitants, in the following year, it was then less than 200 and the resort was not listed. In the table, this is marked with B.