• Benoît Delépine: Monsieur Vives
  • Gustave Kervern: Farm Worker
  • Michel de Gavre: Bauer
  • Gérard Jean Conde: Chinese
  • Isabelle Delépine: Madame Vives
  • Pierre Ghenassia: Vives ' chief
  • Fred Martin: Vives ' colleague
  • January Bucquoy: Madame Vives ' lover
  • Pierre Carles: physicians
  • Aki Kaurismäki: Aaltra boss

Aaltra is a Belgian-French comedy film directed by Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine from the year 2004.


In a small village near Paris, Monsieur Vives and a rather lazy farm workers wage war on an almost daily basis. Is Monsieur Vives traveling by car, disabled for slower moving farm worker with his tractor almost always his ride. On the other hand, moves Vives his motorcycle recklessly through the grounds of the farm worker. As Vives one day loses his job and also his wife caught red-handed with a lover, he disengages. He goes to the farm workers to the field and attacks him. While the wrangling of the trailer buries both under itself so that both paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair in the future.

After failed suicide attempts, both make their way to Finland to the trailer manufacturer Aaltra to claim damages. An odyssey through half of Europe begins. In the train they are traveling to Belgium, but they are completely robbed at their stopover. Thus they only have the possibility to hitchhike. Through several naughty ideas they always find someone who brings them a step closer to the goal. Even a short separation, she can not stop. However, their behavior is often very rude and abuse the helpfulness of the people, which does not reflect well on their disabled fellows.

Vives and farm laborers put on the ferry to Finland, where they visit the Valtra tractor company, demand six million euros in damages per capita and behave extremely uncouth. Employees make them understand that they are in the wrong company. Aaltra is a few kilometers away. When they arrive there, they discover only a garage, in the drivers work exclusively wheelchair. After the boss sees both he makes with regard to their wheelchairs only the smug remark that Vives and farm laborers his material probably know well.


" Pitch-black comedy full of jokes and absurd image of an abysmal situation comedy that tells its story in the taciturn coarse-grained black and white and thus approximates the silent film aesthetics. The film uses his chance to make the cramped attitude towards disabled people and the short-lived compassion of normal people " to take on the grain. "

"To be amused by people with disabilities and their difficulties in everyday life, is common, vicious and despicable. The only occasion, allowed to laugh with impunity in which: Aaltra. The wheelchair road movie invites you to amuse about the handicap of two warring neighbors who arouse anything but the sympathy of the audience due to their quirky nature. With thoughtfully inserted slapstick, the charm of a European low -budget production and entrancing minimalist pictures convinced the film and also marks the brilliant debut of a new film distribution. "