Aareal Bank

Aareal Bank AG is a company listed on the MDAX international company headquartered in Wiesbaden, which traded until 2002 as DEPFA German land and construction Bank AG and part of the DEPFA Group.

Aareal Bank operates on three continents ( Europe, North America and Asia- Pacific ) and assists with real estate financing solutions in more than 20 countries. Since 2002, Aareal Bank AG is listed on the German stock exchange.


The company's history goes back to two institutions: the Prussian government agency bank (founded 1922) and the German Abode Bank AG (founded in 1923), both based in Berlin. 1926, the German home Bank AG was renamed the German construction and soil bank. In 1954, the Prussian government agency bank the name German Pfandbriefanstalt. In 1979, the German agency bank acquired a majority stake in the German construction and soil bank, from 1989, she was renamed as a limited company under the name of German Pfandbrief and Mortgage Bank Ltd., went in 1991 to the stock market and opened in the same year its first foreign branch in Amsterdam.

In 1999, the German Pfandbrief and Mortgage Bank AG was renamed German Pfandbrief Bank AG in DEPFA and transferred all real estate activities in the German construction and soil bank, at the same time the name of DEPFA Bank AG was building ground. 2002, the final separation in Aareal Bank AG ( formerly German land and construction Bank) completed with headquarters in Wiesbaden as real estate financing bank and the DEPFA BANK plc, headquartered in Dublin as public finance bank. Since 2006, the company has concentrated on the two segments of commercial real estate financing and consulting / services.


CEO of the company since 2005, the Doctor of Law Wolf Schumacher, who is assisted by three members. The Supervisory Board members are elected for five years. Chairman since 2013 Marija Korsch G..


(As of December 31, 2013)


The group of Aareal Bank, among others, the following companies:

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