Aarhus Gymnastikforening

The Aarhus Gymnastikforening af 1880 ( gymnastics club Aarhus in 1880, shortly AGF) is a sports club based in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. He is particularly known for its football team, the multiple Danish title was in the highest Danish league, the Super League, plays. AGF is of Jutland record champions (this title is no longer played ) and Danish record cup winners.

Creation time

AGF was founded on 26 September 1880 as a pure gymnastics club. But the football department AGF fodbold 1902 was launched, which was published six years later to win their first title: the Master of Jutland, then the highest attainable title, because the Danish championship was played until 1913. The AGF - Eleven moved as one of the leading teams of Jutland more and more viewers, and so it was decided in Aarhus to build a sports stadium: 1920 the Aarhus stadium was opened south of the city, near the royal castle Marselisborg. Until then, it had discharged the home matches on the club grounds. Parallel to the construction of the stadium continued in the sporty Ascent: The following year, AGF reached the finals for the first time at the Danish Championship, which was, however, just as in 1923 and 1925, lost. In that season the team ran the first time in today's club colors: white shirt and navy blue trousers.

In 1942 the present club grounds Fredensvang was inaugurated in Aarhus Viby district since ( the whites of Fredensvang ) the team is as de hvide fra Fredensvang known.

The Golden Years

Mid-1950s, AGF had ( the club was further Aarhus GF, although the city since 1948 " Århus " instead of " Aarhus " wrote - the handball team, however, is now considered AGF known) has long since established itself among the best Danish clubs, but the important titles remained essentially went to the big teams from Copenhagen. By 1955 de hvide four times runner-up four times and third parties had become, but the really big success had been denied them. But in 1955, the year in which the Danish Cup was first played, burst the node: Right away AGF won league and cup, and represented Denmark in the first time played European Cup. In the following five years, five more national titles to follow. Still today you are in Aarhus like the " Golden Team " of those years ( in Denmark are the masters traditionally awarded gold medals ) to players like John Admisen, Aage Rou and Gunnar Kjeldberg.

AGF in professional football

After the Aarhusianer lost again in the course of the 60 - year connection to the tip and the 70 mostly spent as a traditional Lift team had ( the final of the Cup, their declared favorite competition, they could not 13 ​​years to achieve), they were in 1978 with the introduction of professional football as a founding member of the Danish professional league of the party and by the end of the 2005/06 season, the only team that has always played in the first division. A second small golden era took place in the mid-1980s, when they became champion again and was able to win three more trophies. One of the most important players of those years was Flemming Povlsen, who was later with Borussia Dortmund German masters.

In the season 2006/ 07 Aarhus Gymastikforening played within the Viasat Sport Division, the second Danish league. Since the direct re-emergence in the following season Aarhus played again in the first Danish league. At the end of the season 2009/10 we got back from the Viasat Sport Divisions. The following season, the direct back in the Bundesliga. 2012 Aarhus was fifth; thus, the team qualified for the second qualifying round of the Europa League, but where you eliminated against the Georgian side FC Dila Gori.


  • Danish Champion 1955, 1956, 1957, 1960, 1986
  • Danish Cup winner in 1955, 1957, 1960, 1961, 1965, 1987, 1988, 1992, 1996

Squad 2012/13 season

As of September 4, 2012

Former Players

  • Erik Jensen Kuld 0 0 ( bronze medal of the football tournament at the 1948 Olympic Games )
  • Flemming Povlsen, played after his time at Aarhus GF in the Segunda División (for the 2nd team Real Madrid ). Later in the Bundesliga ( for the 1st FC Cologne and Borussia Dortmund ) and in the Eredivisie ( for PSV Eindhoven )
  • Gunnar Kjeldberg ( top scorer in the Danish League 1955/56 )
  • Hans Christian Nielsen 0 0 ( silver medal of the football tournament at the 1960 Olympic Games )
  • Henning Enoksen 0 0 ( silver medal of the football tournament at the 1960 Olympic Games )
  • Henry From 0 0 ( silver medal of the football tournament at the 1960 Olympic Games )
  • Henning Jensen
  • Jakob Poulsen
  • January Bartram
  • Johnny Mølby
  • John Sivebæk
  • Kent Nielsen
  • Lars Bastrup
  • Leon Andreasen
  • Per Knudsen 0 0 ( bronze medal of the football tournament at the 1948 Olympic Games )
  • Stig Tøfting
  • Troels Rasmussen
  • Aage Rou Jensen
  • Angolans German Nando Rafael
  • Englishman Scott Sellars
  • Irishman Liam Miller
  • Norwegian Håvard Flo
  • Swede Tobias Grahn
  • Liberians Dioh Williams
  • American Benny Feilhaber