Aaron ben Joseph of Constantinople

Aaron ben Joseph (* 1260 in Sudak, Crimea, † 1320 ) was a karäischer scribe.


Aaron ben Joseph was a doctor and lived in Constantinople Opel. He wrote commentaries on the Pentateuch, to the earlier prophets and the later prophets and the Psalms and developed a grammatical and exegetical handbook. Even Aaron ben Joseph created a Karaite prayer order and wrote to all parts of the week of the Mosaic books, short excerpts that he recorded in his prayer book.


  • Sefer ha - Mibchar (Commentary on the Pentateuch )
  • Mibchar Jescharim (Commentary on the former prophets Isaiah )
  • Kelil Jofi ( crown of beauty )
  • Eupatoria
  • Tefillot Seder ( ritual prayer )