Aaron Kitchell

Aaron Kitchell (* July 10, 1744 in Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey, † June 25, 1820 ibid ) was an American politician who represented the state of New Jersey in both chambers of Congress.

After he had completed his schooling in Hanover, Aaron Kitchell trained as a blacksmith. His political career began in 1781 when he first moved into the New Jersey General Assembly, where he remained until 1782 initially. Other terms in this chamber of parliament followed in 1784, 1786-1790, 1793-1794, 1797, 1801-1804, and finally again in 1809.

In the meantime, he represented the interests of his country for the first time on 4 March 1791 to 3 March 1793 by the House of Representatives of the 2nd U.S. Congress. After the death of Mr Abraham Clark, he won the by-election to its mandate and returned to the, which meets at this time in Philadelphia Congress on 29 January 1795. He was again confirmed in office and retired on March 3, 1797, first from a second time from the House of Representatives. March 4, 1799 to March 3, 1801, he spent more then one term.

Finally, Aaron Kitchell was elected as a member of the Democratic Republicans in the Senate of the United States. There he took his seat on March 4, 1805 to his resignation on March 12, 1809 true.