Aasiaat / Kitaa

Aasiaat (Danish Egedesminde [e ː əðəsmenə ] ) is a Greenlandic town on the west coast in the southern part of Disko Bay with 3,146 inhabitants ( 2012).


Egedesminde was in 1759 by Niels Egede, second son of Hans Egede, founded on the Eqalussuit Peninsula and in 1763 moved to the island Aasiaat, a historic place that was already 2500 BC inhabited by Inuit. In honor of his father, he named the place Egedesminde. The Greenlandic name Aasiaat means " spider ", but probably derives from the word Aasiat ( meeting place). Nevertheless, the coat of arms shows a spider web, although there is no net spin species here. The white and blue colors of the emblem symbolize the coming together of a frozen and ice-free sea.

During the whaling period in the 18th century brisk trade took place with the whalers from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and other nations. A train oil factory supplied Europe with lamp oil. By the whalers ' diseases often led to epidemics. Only 21 people survived four smallpox epidemics in the years 1776, 1800, 1825 and 1852.

The cost of living was, as previously common, especially through fishing, seal hunting and whaling dispute in Greenland by kayak. In late spring they moved to the East Coast to the large numbers on the coast pulling Lodden ( Greenlandic: Ammassak ) to catch. They were so numerous that one could catch them with laundry baskets.

During the Second World War played an important role in Aasiaat the supply of allied troops in Greenland. 1942, a weather station with two barracks were built as small base by the Americans. This was until its closure is an important economic factor, then Aasiaat was dependent on fishing. The economic situation stagnated until the modernization of fish and shrimp processing in the 1980s.

Today's city

Today's Aasiaat is a modern town with hospital, school, kindergarten, airport and satellite station. Main source of income is the fish and shrimp catching and processing in the fish factory. Also touristy Aasiaat is interesting.

Until January 1, 2009 Aasiaat was an independent municipality with 3189 inhabitants, were among the more settlements Kitsissuarsuit and Akunnaaq. Today Aasiaat is politically part of Qaasuitsup Press Office.

Coat of arms

Description: Silver and blue shared a spider web in confused colors. Symbolism: Cobweb = Rally Point

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kristian Kristoffersen, Greenland biathlete
  • Tue Thomsen, Greenland Boxer

Twin Cities

  • Árborg ( Iceland )