The abbreviation EBA may refer to:

  • AAW Racing Team, a former Finnish Formula 1 racing team
  • Abbottabad, Pakistan ( IATA code )
  • Afriqiyah Airways ( ICAO code )
  • Academy for education and training, Altenburg
  • Action Centre Poor world, Tübingen; see Action Centre (Culture)
  • The Alliance for Arab Women - is an Egyptian non-governmental organization on a voluntary basis
  • American Association of Woodturners
  • Anti-aircraft warfare, (English for anti - aircraft warfare), see antiaircraft
  • Altan guards
  • Association Astronomy and Space, Darmstadt
  • Working Group Alternative Economic Policy
  • Association for the Advancement of Women
  • Order Processing System
  • Action Alliance Winnenden school shooting
  • Ambient Assisted Working as opposed to Ambient Assisted Living

The abbreviation AA W stands for:

  • Hamburg -Altona Kai Bft Operation Jobs Directory
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