Ab Morgen

  • Helmfried of Lüttichau Boro
  • Adem Smailhodzic: mediator
  • Sabina Sidro: Nurse
  • Gordana Heyden - Gueli: Boros woman
  • Andreas Wimberger: doctor

From tomorrow, a short film from the year 2011. 's In the lead role Anno Koehler plays a German father who buys a kidney from a living donor abroad.

Its premiere was the film as part of the " 32 Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival " on January 20, 2011.


The story is about a man who buys a stranger's life in order to save his own.

Christoph is terminally ill and buys abroad a kidney from a living donor. Lost in a strange city and completely unfamiliar situation he finally undergoing surgery, but in which the donor dies.

Even now medically healthy, Christoph fights shocked with the fact of having to be responsible for the death of another. Full of guilt plagued him his conscience and the thought of destroying a family in order to save his own. He is confronted with his morals and struggles for a way out. He needs to realize that there is no way out of this situation for both sides.


The film is a co-production of Black Rabbit Pictures and the Macromedia University for Media and Communication and was filmed in November 2009 in Germany and Bosnia. The exporting producers, screenwriters and directors were Raphael Wallner and Stefan Elsenbruch. The post production of the film was completed in September 2010. Its premiere celebrated From morning in January 2011.


  • Nominated for the Max Ophüls Prize 2011 in the category " Best Short Film ".
  • Predicate ' Especially Valuable ' by the German Film and Media Review (FBW ).
  • FBW Short Film of the Month September 2010.
  • Nominated at the cellu l'art Short Film Festival Jena 2011 in the category " Best Short Film ".
  • 2nd place in the category Feature Film Film Festival Open Eyes Marburg.
  • Nominated for Best International Short Film at the Festival films I've seen in Milan.


  • Max Ophüls Prize 2011 ( world premiere).
  • Cellu l'art Short Film Festival Jena 2011.
  • International Student Film Festival Sehsüchte Potsdam 2011.
  • Film Festival Open Eyes Marburg.
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival.
  • Odense International Film Festival.
  • I've seen films International Film Festival.
  • 31st Cambridge Film Festival.
  • Shnit International Short Film Festival.
  • Interfilm Berlin.
  • Constance kurz.film.spiele.
  • Film Festival Dusseldorf.
  • Tirana International Film Festival.
  • 22 Bamberg Short Film Festival.
  • Bradford International Film Festival.
  • Sarasota International Film Festival.
  • Humboldt Film Festival.