A/B testing

AB testing is a test method for advertising purposes test, in which an original version of an advertisement is tested against a modified version.


AB test is also referred to as a split -run test, because in the procedure, the target group is divided into two sub-groups: group A and group B. According to the allocation of the target group and the advertising medium, such as a display ( media) divided into two parts produced: the original version and a modified variant. The original advertising material and used in the B group that changed advertising material and the reactions is then compared with the group A. With this reaction, the desired effect result of an advertisement is meant, such as ordering a product.

Prerequisite / definition

In the AB - test is in contrast to the multivariate test changes only one variable and tested for their effectiveness. For an AB- test is effective and the results achieve validity, a sufficient group size must be given.

Fields of application

In addition to testing of ads now also online advertising media such as banners or entire websites are using AB tests tested for their effect.

Providers and Tools

  • Optimizely
  • Google Website Optimizer
  • Divolution
  • Kameleoon