AB Thulinverken

Thulin was a Swedish company.

Company History

The company AB Thulinverken from Landskrona was founded in 1915 by Enoch Thulin as Sweden's first aircraft manufacturer to Enoch Thulins Aeroplan factory. The company began in 1918 with the licensed production of AGA vehicles and now renamed as AB Thulinsverken. 1920 bankruptcy was filed. In the following period, the name was changed several times and produces, among other vehicle parts. 1958 bought Bromsregulator SAB in Malmö the Thulinverken, the focus was now braking systems. Later she went on in the Haldex Group.


A number of aircraft built under license. Some of the still detectable types were Thulin A ( license of the Bleriot XI), Thulin LA (based on the Albatros B. II ), Thulin D (based on the Morane- Saulnier L, a specimen on display in the Aviation Museum of Central Finland ), Thulin Monoplane.

Rolling stock

There were two different models. The Type A was 1920-1924 with a four -cylinder engine and was based on the AGA. Approximately 300 units were built, mostly four-door torpedo. After three years of break the Type B was introduced in 1927. Its four-cylinder engine with 1700 cc capacity made ​​36 to 39 hp. 13 units were built until 1928, among other door sedan.

Vehicles of this brand can be seen in various Swedish car museums.