Abaco Islands

The Abaco Islands lie in the northern Bahamas. This includes the two main islands of Great Abaco and Little Abaco, and the smaller Wood Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Gorda Cay, Elbow Cay, Man- o- War Cay, Stranger's Cay, Umbrella Cay, Walker 's Cay and Mores Iceland.

During the American Revolution Abaco served as Cat Iceland as a "safe haven" for British loyalists fleeing the newly independent United States. The first settlement on Abaco was Carleton Point. It is located at the north end of Treasure Cay. Carleton was founded in 1783 by 600 refugees from New York.

The islands are a popular starting point for sailing activities in the Bahamas and tourist center.

The total population of the Abacos has around 13,000 people, the capital and economic center is Marsh Harbour. The red and white striped lighthouse at Hope Town, a well-known local landmark.