Abakan (Russian Абакан, of Circassian blood for bears, according to other theories Bear River or River of the Fathers [ ie the Khakassians ] ) is a city in southern Siberia (Russia) with 165 214 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ). It is the capital of the Republic of Khakassia and Krasnoyarsk is located on the reservoir, on the left shore at the mouth of the eponymous river Abakan in the Yenisei.


Abakan is located in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains at 250 meters above sea level on the banks of the river of the same name, where this opens into the reservoir at the Krasnoyarsk Yenisei.

It is about 80 km from Shushenskoe, the former exile of Lenin. The nearest town is Chernogorsk 14 km northwest of Abakan.


The steppe hills of Kurgankultur and rock drawing in the Circassian - Minusinsk boiler preserved over the centuries many secrets, the unique traces of an ancient civilization on the Yenisei. It was discovered in rock drawings in the open air a veritable art gallery. The drawings on the stones are applied either with paint or carved. The big Salbyk Hill, which lies about 80 km from Abakan away is 2400 years old and was once 30 meters high. The stone slabs were here hergeschafft of a dozen kilometers away quarry.

Historically significant for the entire region of the valley of the Tsars located in the neighboring Republic of Tuva on the border is at Turano - Ujukskaja ( at the city of Turan in the vicinity of the river Ujuk ). There, south of the Sayan Mountains, archaeologists from Germany and Russia in 2001 the untouched since about 2500 years grave hill called Arschan -2, a Scythian ruler. Investment and wealth of the hill tomb refute the ancient sources who described the Scythians as " wild horde ". Several other findings of similar import came in earlier and later excavations to light again.

The foundation of the city dates back to 1675, built at this point Fort Abakansk ( Абаканск ). Around 1780 from the village of Ust- Abakanskoje was ( Усть - Абаканское ), which was renamed in 1925 in Chakassk ( Хакасск ). 1931 was the place the municipal law and its present name Abakan.

From 1943 to 1953 various Gulag prison camps were set up in the area. They served mainly the mining of coal and gold, the construction of an oil-processing combine, as well as timber production.

Lenin monument

Saviour's Transfiguration Cathedral


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Economy and Transport

Thanks nearby iron ore and coal deposits are found in Abakan iron and steel industry, also mechanical engineering, wood processing and the food industry. The city also has an inland port.

The city is connected to the network of the Krasnoyarsk railway.

With the nearby airport Abakan also has an international airport.

Further education institutions

  • Khakassia State University named after NF Katanow
  • Chaka Sisches Business Institute
  • Chaka Sisches Technological Institute of the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University

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