ABB (disambiguation)

ABB is an abbreviation for:

  • ABB Records, American hip- hop label
  • Acher and Bühler Bote, a local edition of the daily newspaper Badische Latest News # editions
  • ABB mustard (Adam Bernhard Bergrath ) or Düsseldorf Mostert is a specialty from Dusseldorf mustard, which has been produced since the early 18th century
  • ABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbH develops, manufactures and markets products for electrical equipment and automation of buildings, developed machinery and equipment, Headquarters Heidelberg
  • Alex Boncayao Brigade, a terrorist group that makes its appearance in the Philippines with kidnapping, extortion and contract killings
  • Altstaetten - Berneck -Bahn, the ABB / RHST / RhV operated the tram Altstaetten - Berneck ( 1897-1975 ) and the trolleybus Altstaetten - Berneck ( 1940-1977 ), see RTB Rhine Valley Bus # History
  • Ape, Beck & Brinkmann, a Founded in 1979, German folk-rock group
  • Work description sheets, measures the satisfaction with different aspects of the work situation see requirement gathering # Work Information document ( ABB)
  • ABB Ltd.. is a group of energy and automation technology, headquartered in Zurich, in 1988 from the merger of the Swedish Allmänna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget ( ASEA ) and the Swiss Brown, Boveri & Cie. ( BBC ) was
  • The Allman Brothers Band, a successful rock band from Macon, Georgia, in the southern U.S., first and also one of the most important bands of the Southern Rock

Figure is an abbreviation for:

  • Illustration

Fig is a surname:

  • Gustav Abb (1886-1945), German librarian
  • Wilhelm fig (1915-2010), German Geodetic

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  • Figure Creek
  • Fig Run, River in the U.S. state of West Virginia
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