Abba Arika

Abba Arikha (short Rav or Rab or Raw, obsolete: Rabh; * 160, † 247) was a Jewish scholar. He was the last Tannait and first and oldest amora in one. He was one of the greatest Jewish scholars in Babylon, his return from Palestine is considered an important event in Jewish history and the beginning of an intensive cultural exchange between the Jewish communities of Palestine and Babylon.

Abba Aricha, called " the tall one", probably because of his unusual height, actually Abba, usually simply Rav, was opponent of Mar Samuel, nephew Chijjas, whom he followed to Palestine to learn from Judah ha - Nasi.

Rav was after Geonic tradition ( Iggeret Rav Sherira Gaon, Issue Lewin, pp. 78-81 ) in the year 219 founder, then head of the yeshiva in Sura on the Euphrates in Babylon, after he had returned from Palestine, until his death in 247. Yet historically it is doubtful, to speak of a house of study, it is more of a circle of disciples, which had formed around Rav.

Rav was one of the main characters of the Talmud; in some places ( He 50b, BB 42a; Sanh 83b) it is said of him: " He is regarded as Tannait and may argue " (ie, against the recorded in the Mishnah view).

It should be also Artabanus IV, the last king of the Parthians, was a friend.

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