Abbey DiGregorio

Abbey DiGregorio ( born June 13, 1980 as Abigail V. McBride ) is an American actress and voice actress, known in the original English version of the animated American television series Drawn Together, primarily for her role as Ling-Ling. Shortly after the end of the series she married in 2008, the writers and producers Craig DiGregorio ( born January 21, 1977), which also in some episodes of Drawn Together came in both its activities alongside his future wife to use.

Life and career

Over the life of the born as Abbey McBride actress and voice actress is generally little known. She took her first notable role in 2004, when she came into the cast of the animated television series Drawn Together, and acted there as a voice for the Pikachu - like creatures Ling-Ling. In this role she was until 2008 a total of 36 episodes in use and also took two additional votes. In the series, she is also responsible for the creation of the special language of Ling - Ling, who, all of them as " Japorean ", that identified the persons who have contributed to the mixture as Japanese and Korean. DiGregorio himself thinks that it mimics a combination of votes from an Asian and a drunk while speaking nonsense man when speaking. During her time in the cast of Drawn Together Abbey DiGregorio also appeared in real film and television roles. So she was seen in 2005 in an episode of House and came in the same year, also in the film Bewitched used. Another appearance followed in 2006 in the film Southland Tales, in which they held a rather insignificant role. After the expiry of Drawn Together they married in 2008, their work colleagues Craig DiGregorio, with whom she also has a child among others. About two years after the end of Drawn Together came in 2010, the film adaptation of the series The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! out. Again lends Abbey DiGregorio the Pokémon -like beings Ling-Ling her voice.


  • 2005: Bewitched ( Bewitched )
  • 2006: Southland Tales
  • 2005: Dr. House ( House M.D. ) (1 episode )
  • 2004-2008: Drawn Together (36 episodes)
  • 2010: The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!