Abbo of Provence

Abbo ( † after 739 ) was a Frankish nobleman, who resided in southern France.


Abbo, who is 726-739 detectable, was the grandson of Marron and son of Felix ( Bishop of Turin) and Rustica. The Bishop of Gap, Symphorien, was his uncle and guardian. Abbo belonged to the extended family of Waldelenus († early 7th century ), who came from the area around Besançon and later in the region of the cities of Susa ( Piedmont ), Embrun and Gap (both in present-day French Hautes -Alpes), the Alpine passes into Italy dominated.

To the 735 resided in Marseille Patricius or Dux Maurontus revolted against Charles Martel. As head of his family stood Abbo, who was Rector of Maurienne and Susa, at the head of the resistance in Provence against Maurontus. This sought out the Muslims from Septimania from as allies. Abbo helped the other hand, Charles Martel at its 736 leading into the lower valley of the Rhône campaign against Maurontus who was defeated, 737 again rebelled and was defeated by Charles Martel half brother Childebrand with the support of the Lombard king Liutprand again. Charles Martel appointed Abbo reward for Patrician of Provence and gave him extensive lands (including in Piedmont ), which he had confiscated from the defeated enemies. Although Abbo had Arnulf Ingern connected relatively late, he was quickly raised to a position of such strength as he had no legitimate heirs. After his death, all his possessions and the family fortune amassed by his ancestors went through over 739 written his last will to he founded on January 30, 726 Monastery in Novalesa in Piedmont (Italy ), which now came into the possession of the Carolingians. Perhaps the " much loved " by him as designated Virgilia was his daughter; her he stepped off a part of his goods. Abbo Testament is an important source for the history of Provence in the early 8th century dar.