Abby Mann

Abraham " Abby " Mann ( born December 1, 1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, † March 25, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California ) was an American screenwriter, film producer and film director.


Abby Mann, who was born when Abraham Goodman, grew up in East Pittsburgh. He graduated from Temple University and then New York University. After participating as a soldier in the Second World War, he began to work at the beginning of the 1950s as a writer for television series. Mann's career reached its first peak in 1961, when he wrote the screenplay for Judgment at Nuremberg and was for 1962 awarded the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. In 1966 he was nominated for the Drama Ship of Fools again for an Oscar in the same category.

1973 's name should be brought again with a film when used in conjunction, as it the idea for the television series Kojak - had Kojak, is associated with the Telly Savalas today in connection. In King, a biopic about the life of Martin Luther King, led man 1978 for the only time Director.

His last screenplay was written by Abby Mann in 2005 with the remake of Kojak with Ving Rhames in the role of the bald-headed investigator. In March 2008, husband died at the age of 84 years due to heart failure. He left behind his wife, the actress Harriet Karr, and a son.

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