ABC 80

The ABC 80 (Advanced BASIC computer 80 ) was a home computer, which was developed by the Swedish company Data Industrier AB. It was produced in the 1970s and 1980s Luxor in Motala, also in Sweden.

It was based on a clocked at 3.58 MHz Zilog Z80 processor, each had 16 KB of RAM and ROM, and a BASIC interpreter. Furthermore, he possessed the SN76477 sound chip from Texas Instruments. However, there was no way to use the full functionality of the chip, so the sound output of the ABC to a few sound effects was limited. The monitor was a black and white television that has been modified slightly for this purpose.

The device was manufactured as " BRG ABC80 " of Budapesti Rádiótechnikai Gyár in Hungary. However, these models were equipped with metal instead of plastic housings.


The ABC 80 was a huge success in Sweden and took there quickly a large part of the home computer market, what reason was that its software was in Swedish language.

In the early 1980s, the computer has been replaced by computer game with better graphics and better sound.

Luxor was able to prevail with the new ABC 800, which had more memory and a higher graphics resolution, among other office computers for several years.

In 1985, the new Unix-based ABC 1600 and 9000 series on the market, but they were failures.

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