ABC Amsterdam

ABC Amsterdam was a Dutch basketball club from Amsterdam. The club won the championship seven times, his last in 2009.


The club was founded in 1995. Since you had a direct payment joyful sponsor, they won the first championship in 1999. Until then, the club won three times the Dutch Basketball Cup. By 2009, still followed by six more league titles and three other cup wins.

The club also participated in various European basketball trophies, played there but no major role.

2011 would be absolutely a new main sponsor was needed to keep the club financially alive. However, this was not found, the club disbanded. With the BC Apollo there is a new basketball club in Amsterdam.

Name history

Due to the change of the main sponsor of the club was renamed several times since its founding:


The club wore their home games in the comprehensive 3,000 places gymnasiums Zuid.


  • 7x Dutch master
  • 5x Dutch Cup winner

Known player