Abd al-Kuri

Abd al- Kuri (Arabic عبد الكوري ʿ Abd -al- Kuri ) is the second largest and westernmost island of the Socotra archipelago in the northwestern Indian Ocean. Politically it belongs to the province of Hadramaut, Yemen.


The island is 95 km east of Cape Guardafui, the most north-eastern point of the Horn of Africa, and about 350 km south of the Arabian Peninsula on the east exit of the Gulf of Aden. From the main island of Socotra is approximately 105 km away.

Abd al- Kuri 36 km long, up to 5.8 km wide and has an area of 133 km ². Around 300 inhabitants ( as of 2004) inhabit the island; Capital is Kilmia on the south coast. The dry, hilly island reached in Jabal Salih a height of 256 m above sea level and offers biological and biogeographical features.