Abd el-Aziz el-Zoubi

Abd al- Aziz al- Zubi ( born February 4, 1926 in Nazareth, British Mandate, † February 14, 1974; Arabic عبد العزيز الزعبي, DMG ʿ Abd al - ʿ al- Azeez to Bi ʿ; Hebrew עבד אל - עזיז א - זועבי, also al - Zubi ) was an Israeli-Arab politician who sat from 1965 until his death in 1974 for Mapam and its successor party as a deputy in the Knesset. He was appointed on 24 May 1971 for the Deputy Health Minister of Israel, and thus the first non-Jewish member of the government.

Abd al- Aziz al- Zubi was born during the British Mandate period in Nazareth, where he attended high school before he went to the Arab College in Jerusalem. For the mandate government, he worked as a civil servant in the tax administration and after the declaration of independence of Israel was from 1948 to 1958 as an official in the Israel Lands Authority operates. He was also active in Nazareth in the trade union of government employees.

In 1956 he was involved in the figuring of the Jewish Arab Association for Peace and Equal Rights and later one of the founders of the Jewish- Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva. In the Mapam, he joined in 1958 and 1961 he was deputy mayor of the city of Nazareth, whose mayor, he was in 1965. He held this position until 1966. During the Knesset in November 1965, he was elected and became a member of Parliament.

In the 1969 election he was re-elected on the list of the alliance of parties Avodah and Mapam and Deputy Minister of Health on May 24, 1971 in the fifteenth Israeli government under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. In the parliamentary elections in 1973, he retained his seat, but died less than a month, after which the newly elected Knesset had met for the first time. His seat was taken over by Hawiw Shimoni.

Outside of politics az- Zubi was involved in various publications. He was editor of the weekly newspaper al- Mersad and the monthly magazine al - Fadschar and one of the co-editor of the monthly magazine New Outlook.

His extended family includes Seif el -Din el- Zoubi, who was also a member of the Knesset and mayor Nazareth and Haneen Zoubi, a current member of the Knesset.