Abdelkader Ben Bouali

Abdelkader Ben Bouali ( born October 25, 1912 in Orléansville, † February 23, 1997 in Algiers ) was an Algerian football player who completed a substantial portion of his career in French football.

Club career

The defender Ben Bouali began his career at RU Algiers before moving into the French heartland - Algeria at that time belonged to the French dominated North Africa - came. His first club was there the first division SO Montpellier, before he played from 1934 or 1935 FC Sète.

In 1936 he moved to Olympique Marseille; there he was under coach József Eisenhoffer instantly a regular in a team that had several outstanding footballers in their ranks (notably goalkeeper Vasconcelos, Weiskopf, Kohut and with Zatelli and Aznar two players who also came from Algeria). With this early " star-studded " Olympiques Abdelkader Ben Bouali won in his first season the league title and also made ​​the leaders of the national attention to itself ( see below). In the following season, although his team could not defend this title, but finished behind FC Sochaux only Rank 2 in Division 1; but she won the French Cup, and Ben Bouali was also the final of the competition ( 2:1 aet against FC Metz) in the white jersey of OM on the lawn.

Nevertheless, he moved in 1938 to Racing Paris. This change was shattered, however, though he had already been agreed between the clubs: an Olympique of related attorney had young men who wanted to be exempted from military service in the French army, gives a certificate for a four -figure sum. After several cases were uncovered and come to court, had also Ben Bouali for a few days in jail. His professional license was confiscated, and he even briefly played for a team in Périgueux, which was founded by former football players of Racing Strasbourg, before returning to Algeria and there for the AS Orléansville and later took up for RU Algiers. His name appears for the 1941/42 season in a source again in the Toulouse FC Squad; whether this is a mistake or if Ben Bouali briefly found a way back into the French professional football in the chaos of war, needs to be clarified.


  • Racing Universitaire algérois
  • Sports Olympiques Montpelliérains
  • Football Club de Sète (1934 or 1935-1936 )
  • Olympique de Marseille (1936-1938)
  • Périgueux
  • Possibly Toulouse Football Club (1941 /42)
  • Association Sportive de Orléansville
  • Racing Universitaire algérois

In the National Team

Abdelkader Ben Bouali denied in May 1937 a senior international for France; at 0:2 in the Stade Olympique Yves- du- Manoir against Ireland he made in a " Experimentalelf " together with Raoul Diagne, the defender pair. With the Football World Cup 1938 Ben Bouali belonged to the French contingent; However, he was not used in any of the two games because of defense Cazenave and captain Mattler at sélectionneur Barreau and coach Cottenet were set.

Life after the player time

Ben Bouali had, even while he was still playing for Orléansville and Algiers, worked in various companies in Algeria, most recently with a company of the hydraulic industry. In 1979, he is, who was always a supporter of Olympique Marseille, has retired. In his 85 years, he died in a hospital in Algiers.


  • French Champion: 1937 ( and runner-up 1938)
  • French Cup Winners: 1938
  • 1 'A' game ( no hit) for France; World Cup participant in 1938
  • 56 games ( no goals ) for Marseille in Division 1 ( numbers in Montpellier and Sète currently not determinable )