Abderrahmane Soukhane

Abderrahmane Soukhane (* September 13, 1936 in El Biar ) is a former Algerian- French footballer. To distinguish him from his older brother Mohamed, he was also known as Soukhane II.

Club career

Abderrahmane Soukhane played as a teenager in El Biar JS as then belonging to France still home. As a not quite 20 years old, he moved in 1956 Zweitdivisionär Le Havre AC in whose league team he was mostly used as inside forward. The Northern French ended this and the following season each in the front third of the table, but without reaching a promotion place. In the summer of 1958 it came to an abrupt interruption of his career in French football: Soukhane had as a number of other Algerian professional football player decided for the national team of the independence movement in Algeria to play (FLN ) in order to promote the independence of the French colony. A year later, he was, like his brother, to the root formation of these unofficial Algerian national team, with whom he walked in particular on two extensive tours to East Asia and Eastern Europe.

After obtaining the Algerian independence (1962 ), he returned to France and was recorded at Le Havre, which was just re relegated to Division 2 with open arms. In the season 1963/64, Soukhane was even the most successful league top scorer, but the rise ranged his 21 hits not yet. Therefore - and because the club withdrew in the amateur field - he accepted an offer of Erstdivisionärs Toulouse FC, ​​in which he ( as a coach ) and mahi Khennane stood among others, the Algerian squad Firoud in the squad. Particularly successful was the season 1965/66: the TFC was fourth in the championship and reached the National Cup semi-final. In this match was scored early Soukhane the opening goal, but had even before the half-time for his Goalkeeper of the field referenced occupy the space between the posts and could not prevent the equalizer in the final minute; in the extension of the Alsatian attackers overcame him then two more times. Also on this unfamiliar position it a good performance was attested, especially since there had been no lack of commitment to him: he ended the heated, fought encounter with the popped lips and the loss of four teeth.

1966/67, took Abderrahmane Soukhane part with the TFC at the Fairs Cup, where the TFC after a bye for the first round 3-0 and 1:5 failed to Dinamo Piteşti; Soukhane scored two of the four goals of his team. After Toulouse had dissolved his professional department in the summer of 1967 and sold his place in Division 1 at Red Star Paris, also switched Soukhane to this club, but stayed there only for one season. He then went to Algeria to USM Bel Abbes -. Information about the further life Soukhanes are not yet available.


  • Jeunesse Sportive d'El Biar (up to 1956)
  • Le Havre Athletic Club (1956-1958, in D2)
  • FLN - selection ( August 1958-1962 )
  • Le Havre Athletic Club (1962-1964, in D2)
  • Toulouse Football Club (1964-1967)
  • Red Star Football Club (1967 /68)
  • Union Sportive de Bel - Abbes Musulmane

In the National Team

Abderrahmane Soukhane has not only played for the football team of the FLN, but from 1963 also for the officially recognized A- team. For this he was until 1965 a total of six times on the turf, including in all four of the early highlights of the fennecs ( " Desert Foxes " is the common name for Algeria national team): in February 1963 in a 4-0 against Czechoslovakia, where Soukhane scored the first goal, on New Year's 1964 in the 2-0 against Germany, in November of the same year against the USSR ( 2-2) and in June 1965 the 0-3 against Brazil. In both teams he has played with some of the best Algerian professional footballer at that time, including Mekhloufi, Zitouni Ben Tifour, Kermali, Maouche and Oudjani.


  • French Champion: None
  • French Cup Winner: None (but semi-finalist 1966)
  • 6 'A' matches ( 1 results) for Algeria
  • 120 games and 20 goals in Division 1, of which 88/17 Toulouse, 32 /3 for Red Star
  • 110 games and 58 goals in Division 2
  • D2 - scorer in 1963/64, (21 Hits)