Abdul Ghani Baradar

(* In Weetmak, Deh Rahwod District, Uruzgan, 1968) also known as Mullah ( عبدالغنی برادر ) Abdul Ghani Baradar, Mullah Baradar Akhund, is an Afghan Taliban leaders. He is the deputy of Mullah Mohammed Omar and the Quetta Shura member. In 2009, he was regarded as the de facto leader of the Taliban.

Curriculum vitae

Baradar is a Durrani Pashtun, and the tribe of the Popolzai. Baradar fought in the Soviet-Afghan war and was later one of the founders of the Taliban.

During the period of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan when he was governor of Herat and Nimrus.

An unclassified document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States lists him as Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Commander of Central Army Corps in Kabul while Interpol he claims was deputy defense minister of the Taliban.

Reports of his death in an air strike in Helmand province on 30 August 2007 proved to be false. He was arrested by Inter-Services Intelligence and the CIA in Karachi, Pakistan in February 2010. A Talibankommadeur confirmed his captivity to the press, but claimed he had been captured in the operation Moshtarak in Helmand. Another speaker disagreed with the capture.

On 10 September 2013, the Pakistani national security and foreign policy advisor Sartaj Aziz announced that Baradar would come free, but must continue to reside in Pakistan. This was to support the " Afghan reconciliation process."