AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books. Against commission new and used books between dealers and buyers will be taught. The company is not itself, it generates a profit by offering a fixed fee plus a commission on the sales and settlement costs for the payment via credit cards. AbeBooks has offices in Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand and the United States and Canada with their own websites. Since early March 2003 Ulrich Brand is the company before as managing director. Since 2008, AbeBooks is a subsidiary of Amazon.com.

AbeBooks Europe

AbeBooks Europe was established in September 1999 under the name " justbooks.de ", but since October 2001, a subsidiary of the Canadian company founded in 1995, AbeBooks.com ( AbeBooks Inc.). In October 2004, the Spanish Used book IberLibro.com platform was incorporated. Together, the companies offer some 110 million books from over 13,500 independent sellers and employ more than 120 employees (about 30 in Europe and 90 in Canada).


9/1999-10/2001 JustBooks.de GmbH

Just Books was founded in September 1999 in Dusseldorf by Hannes Blum, Malte Brettel, Christian Langer, Florian Heinemann and Boris Wertz. The founders had already been established during their studies that require specialized books often sold out or not available. An internet platform provided a solution to this problem dar.

From idea to realization took only a few months. Just in time for the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 1999 launched JustBooks.de. At first the young entrepreneurs with business angels were financed, who came even from the internet industry. As of 1/2000 supported Hubert Burda Media as a venture capitalist, the emerging businesses. End of June 2000, the English platform was www.justbooks.co.uk opened nine months later (March 2001) went JustBooks in France www.justbooks.fr to the market.

In October 2001 JustBooks offered to more than 5.3 million books from more than 1,000 booksellers and employed 15 full-time employees.

5/1996-10/2001 Abebooks Inc.

AbeBooks ( AbeBooks Inc.) was founded by Rick Pura and Keith and Cathy Waters in Victoria / Canada in May 1996.

The founding team had not only technical expertise, but already had years of experience in the antiquarian book trade. The idea was to AbeBooks face of difficulties, as antiquarian for a customer to get rare books and exchange information on beech stands with other booksellers.

Soon after the founding of used booksellers and other providers across North America the opportunity to sell their books through the network of AbeBooks. The company has grown steadily ever since. Through cooperation with Barnes & Noble / USA ( 1998), Akaikutsu / JAP (6/ 2000), Chapitre / FR (10 /2000) and Biblioquest / OFF ( 10/2000 ) was able to expand its market position internationally AbeBooks in the last four years.

In October 2001, approximately 100 full-time employees, about 20 of them in Europe ( Dusseldorf, Oviedo ) and 85 in North America (Victoria BC, Canada), Inc. for Abebooks work, the company is one of the most successful Canadian Internet companies. More than 10,000 independent distributors sell AbeBooks more than 40 million books worldwide.

10/2001 until today AbeBooks Inc.

In October 2004, AbeBooks acquired the Spanish market leader in the online bookseller IberLibro.com.

The leading at that time service for price comparisons in the field of books - BookFinder.com - acquired in November 2005. Under the name JustBooks BookFinder.com is active since September 2006 and in Europe.

In February 2006, acquired AbeBooks FillZ.com, the provider of an online solution for inventory management and order management.

In May 2006, AbeBooks acquired a 40% stake in the social networking platform for books LibraryThing.com.

With Gojaba.com AbeBooks creates in February 2008, a low price - book market first for Sweden and Russia, and later for Brazil and Poland.

In April 2008, AbeBooks acquired the online book shop owner Chrislands.com.

AbeBooks today employs more than 120 employees in Germany, Canada and the United States.

AbeBooks end of 2008 was acquired by Amazon.com, but will continue to operate as an independent company. In April 2011, AbeBooks acquired added the antiquarian Marketplace Central Directory of Antiquarian Books ( U.S. MORE ) of mediantis AG.