Abel Ehrlich

Abel Ehrlich ( born September 3, 1915 in Cranz / East Prussia, † 30 October 2003 in Tel Aviv) was an Israeli composer.

Ehrlich immigrated after high school in Königsberg in 1934 to Yugoslavia and studied at the Music Academy of Zagreb composition and violin. In 1938 he emigrated over Albania in what was then Palestine. From 1939 he studied with Solomon Rosowski in Jerusalem. In 1953 he was music teacher at the seminar of the kibbutz movement. Since 1954 he was a teacher of composition at the Rubin Academy in Tel Aviv, since 1972 professor at the local university.

He composed chamber works alongside choirs, songs, ballets, incidental music and operas. His composition Bashrav became famous for solo violin from the year 1953. He was eight times awarded the ACUM Prize of the Israeli Prime Minister for composers and in 1997 with the Israel Prize for Music.


  • Bashrav for Solo Violin, 1953
  • The Split Personality of Music Master Botten, short opera, first performed in 1959 in Jerusalem
  • ARPMUSIK (Hans Arp ) for baritone, 12 players and mimes, 1971
  • Five Poems by Immanuele Romano, short opera, first performed in 1971 in Jerusalem
  • Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol short opera, first performed in 1978 in Tel Aviv
  • The Jubilee, comic chamber opera based on Anton Chekhov, 1995
  • About the scripture Ezekiel for soprano, oboe, bassoon and violin
  • Do not be like your fathers, choir
  • King Solomon about the wine for alto, flute and piano
  • Voltage and a Bottle, String Quartet ( composed for the Iturriaga Quartet)
  • Portrait of Vincent van Gogh at the Age of 27 for solo violin and string quartet ( Kolja Lessing and Iturriaga Quartet dedicated )
  • Israeli Composer
  • Composer of classical music ( 20th century)
  • University teachers ( Tel Aviv University )
  • Support of the Israel Prize
  • Born in 1915
  • Died in 2003
  • Man