AbiWord is a free, GPL - licensed text processing program that is available on Linux and Microsoft Windows. For other operating systems such as Mac OS X, and AmigaOS 4 SkyOS AbiWord is no longer maintained. The name " AbiWord " is derived from the root of the Spanish word " abierto " for "open."


The development of the program was started by a young company in Illinois in early 1998.

AbiWord was the first word processing program that documents stored in XML. The first official version was released and published in April 2002.

AbiWord has import / export filters for the file formats RTF, MS Word, OpenOffice.org Writer, HTML and LaTeX. Since version 2.4.2 there is also a full Import-/Export-Filter for the Open Document Format.

A portable version for Windows is also available. This can be started without installation from hard disk or USB stick. Since version 2.4.2 AbiWord supports Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.

Within the project " One laptop per child " at MIT AbiWord to be installed as standard word processing OLPC XO -1 (so-called " 100 dollar laptop "). If the planned total production will reach 100-200 million laptops, is be safely assumed that in the participating developing countries a high prevalence of the program.

Since version 2.8.1 no GNOME dependencies are needed more (eg gnome-print ) for AbiWord.