Above the Law (group)

Above the Law are a hip- hop band and were in the last quarter of the year in 1987 by Cold 187um ( Gregory Hutchinson ), KMG the Illustrator ( Kevin Dulley ), K -Oss (Anthony Stewart) and Go Mack ( Arthur Goodman) in Pomona, California, was founded. They are considered as co-founder of G-Funk. 1989 their first album Livin 'Like Hustlers was published at Ruthless Records. The album is still considered hip-hop classics. The ten songs were produced by Cold 187um, Dr. Dre and Laylaw. Due to the single Murder Rap the band managed the breakthrough.

Go Mack left the group in 1994. None of their later albums sold particularly well, but Above The Law is appreciated by the fans mainly because of the lyrics. Their album Uncle Sam 's Curse sold today in various auction houses for 50 to 200 euros per hand vinyl. Reason for this could be that the album has received an award for the cover artwork and because listening to the disc classics like Black Superman and Kalifornia.