Abovyan, (Armenian Աբովյան, in scientific transliteration Abovyan; Russian Абовян ), formerly Elar ( Элар ), is the sixth largest city in Armenia.

Abovyan has 36 021 inhabitants belongs to the province of Kotayk, but is only about 10 km north-east of Yerevan at an altitude of 1360 m above sea level and is practically a suburb of the Armenian capital.


The village Elar was in the south of the current city limits. Excavations in Elar have shown that the site was settled in the 4th millennium BC (ie, in the early Bronze Age ). The fortress of Elar was built by the Urartian king Argišti I.. The village was founded in 1961 by the Armenian writer Chatschatur Abovyan ( 1809-1848? ) Named and expanded in 1963 to an industrial site.


About 15 km northeast of Abovyan located in a salt dome is a very important for Armenia gas bearings. The construction began in 1962, but is still not fully completed. So far, the system holds 90 million. m³, but are possible up to 200 million. m³. The pressure is typically 125 bar. As the end of January 2006, the gas supply from Russia ( the then sole supplier of Armenia ) was interrupted because of an explosion of the pipeline for a week, negative consequences for the people and the economy could be averted by the reserves from the underground reservoir (see Iran - Armenia natural gas pipeline ).