Abra catastrophic is an American comedy from 2003 This is the first TV movie of the series The Fairly OddParents -. OddParents. The film consists of three separate episodes of the third season. He is also known as Cosmo and Wanda - called The Movie.


Timmy has managed to be the first person a year to keep the existence of his magic godparents Cosmo and Wanda secret from other people. For this he gets rewarded with a special magic muffin with which you all can wish and even things that can not meet the magic godparents. But the muffin into the wrong hands. First cost, at a food fight, monkey Bibby of the Zauberküchlein; now he has a wish. He wishes that the monkeys gain supremacy over the earth. People become guinea pigs. But then caught the magic Crocker Muffin and so breaks the world domination. Crocker has not only taken over the world domination and Wanda brought into his possession, and later it can catch even Cosmo. Timmy must act. A trick he can defeat the megalomaniac teacher and free his magic godparents. He has to tell the truth to the world. Timmy tells his parents that he's helping elves and disappear the two, as this is a breach of rules. Through the rest of the muffins Timmy wishes that nothing had happened and that he has his magic godparents again. When he 'd finally get back, she wanted to take him back away from the ram. But through the enchanted door knob, he forgets that he wants to take it and Timmy can keep the godfather.