Abraham Darby III

Abraham Darby (* 1750, † 1791; -called Abraham Darby III ) was an English ironmaster. He is the grandson of Abraham Darby I and builder of the Iron Bridge.


Abraham Darby III came of an English Quaker family that decisive developed metallurgy and iron finishing in England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Already at the age of 19 he took over the smelter, which I ( 1667-1717 ) built his grandfather Abraham Darby and his father Abraham Darby II ( 1711-1763 ) had successfully continued.

Became famous Abraham Darby III by the establishment of Ironbridge near Shrewsbury, which opened on New Year's Day, 1781. The 30 meter long bridge was the world's first iron bridge that was built, and was not only the town but also the valley where lay the bridge, the name. The company inherited from his father Advanced Abraham Darby successfully. 1784 were counted eight blast furnaces and the internal network grew to over 30 km.