Abron dialect

Spoken in

  • Niger - Congo Atlantic - Congo Volta - Congo Kwa Nyo Potou - Tano Tano centrally Akan Abron




Abron is one of the common languages ​​of Ghana and is also spoken by some speakers in the Ivory Coast.

With approximately 1,050,000 speakers in Ghana (2003 ) it is one of the more important languages ​​in Ghana. Regional Abron is mainly spoken in central Ghana, where they northwest of the Ashanti region in the Brong- Ahafo region has its regional focus. Alternative names are Brong (Ghana), Bron, Doma and Gyaman.

In Ivory Coast, it is a comparatively insignificant language with 131,700 speakers. Here it is mainly distributed in the east near the border with Ghana in the departments of Tanda and Bondoukou.