A department in military parlance is a general term for a small number of soldiers who are not characterized by different organization names ( train, battalion, etc.).

By 1945, "Department" in the cavalry, the armored forces, the anti-tank, artillery and the corps was the name for the the battalion of infantry or engineer corps corresponding unit.


In the army the corresponding unit is consistently called battalion. However, there are exceptions: The regiments of the Army Aviation Corps not consist of battalions, but of flying and aircraft- technical departments. These divisions correspond to the battalion, their commanders have disciplinary power of a battalion commander.


When the NVA of the GDR there were military departments in the branches of service, special forces and services. Again, the Department of the battalion a similar association.

In the rods from dividing up the department was a military administrative unit, which was usually done by a professional soldier of the rank group of staff officers in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or Colonel or Commander or Captain.

In addition, there was a ministerial area and main administrations, such as the Political Headquarters in MfNV.


Department corresponds to a battalion (same level).

In artillery and anti-aircraft battalion is called Department. Out it is by a division commanders in the grade of lieutenant colonel.

An artillery battalion consists of:

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