Abul-Hasan al-Hasan ibn Ali

Al -Hassan ibn Ali ibn Ziri (Arabic الحسن بن علي بن زيري ) ( † 1168 ) was the eighth and last ruler of the Zirids in Ifriqiya.

He was still a minor when he took up in 1121 succeeded his deceased father Ali ibn Ziri (reigned 1116-1121 ) and initially had little influence on the business of government. Under him initially won the piracy on the economy of Ziridenreiches great importance. This, however, stressed the relationships with the Christian maritime powers.

1122 took the Normans of Sicily an expedition against al - Mahdiya that could strike back after heavy fighting. 1135 was al -Hassan to attack the Hammadids on al - Mahdiya only thanks to a fleet of the Normans withstand that could be paid for their military assistance with ample privileges. In the following years he became increasingly the dependence of the Normans, as they ensured the grain supply of cities with Sicilian grain. So, for example, had the customs revenues in the cities of the Normans pledged. The weakened Ziridenreich, or the coastal towns in Ifriqiya were conquered 1146-1148 by the Normans, which meant that de facto end of the dynasty.

Al -Hassan was forced to flee and came over and Bejaia, Annaba into exile in Algiers. He lived there until the city was taken in 1152 by the Almohads. The Almohad ruler Abd al - Mu'min treated him generously and put him even as governor of al - Mahdiya, as the Almohads had captured the city in 1160. Later he was appointed Abd al - Mu'min return to Morocco, where he died in 1168.