Abusir (Arabic أبوصير, DMG Abusir ) is now the name of a village in Egypt, in which an important ancient Egyptian necropolis lies.

Egyptian necropolis

In Egyptology, however, an ancient Egyptian necropolis is called by this name. It is located between Giza and Saqqara and is home to several temples and pyramids, mainly from the 5th Dynasty. More grave sites dating from the Middle Kingdom and belong to priests who practiced the cult of the dead to the local pyramids. Some of these tombs lay unsecured robbed, as the grave of Herischefhotep. In the late period, finally some gigantic shaft tombs of senior officials were built here. The grave of Iufaa from this period was found ungeplündert. The location of the located at the northern end of the necropolis sun sanctuary of Niuserre is also after today's village of Abu Gorab ( Abu Gurob ) named.

Monumental in Abusir

  • The sun temple of Userkaf,
  • The sun temple of Niuserre (actually in Abu Gorab )
  • The pyramid complex of Neferirkare
  • The pyramid complex of Sahura,
  • The pyramid complex of Niuserre Ini,
  • The pyramid complex of Raneferef,
  • The pyramid complex of Chentkaus II,
  • The Lepsius XXIV pyramid,
  • The Lepsius -XXV - pyramid,
  • The unfinished pyramid at Abusir,
  • The grave of Udjahorresnet ( 26th dynasty )
  • The great mastabas in the burial ground of the Northeast and
  • The burial ground on the mortuary temple of Neferirkare.