AC Bellinzona

The Associazione Calcio Bellinzona is a football club from the city of Bellinzona in Ticino. It was founded in 1904 and played in the first league promotion. After the bankruptcy in 2013 they will participate in the following year again in the 2nd league in the game mode.

Club history

The club was founded in 1904 as Football Club Bellinzona. The following year, the FC Bellinzona Ticino split in the FC and FC Elvezia. 1906 merged the two clubs again, and brought the FC Juventus that again the name FC Bellinzona adopted in 1909. 1913 was admitted to the Swiss Football Association. The present name, AC Bellinzona, the club took after the merger with the AC on Daro in 1926.

The biggest success in club history was winning the Swiss football championship in 1948. Moreover stood the AC Bellinzona three times in the Cup final. In the 2007 /08 season AC Bellinzona won the first leg of the climb Barrage against FC St. Gallen 3-2. The return match winning the AC Bellinzona 2-0, an increase with a total score of 5-2 to the Super League. At the end of the season 2010/11 AC Bellinzona dismounted in the Challenge League. The Barrage return match against Servette FC Genève ended after a 1-0 in Bellinzona 3-1, total score 3-2 for Servette FC.

On 22 April 2013, the bankruptcy on the debt of 8.5 million francs AC Bellinzona was opened. In mid-May 2013 According to revoke the bankruptcy the Ticino Appeals. For the 2013/14 season the club has been granted only a license for the first league promotion, whereby a descent had to be taken into account. Until August 9, 2013 estimated debt of 3.3 million euros would have to be repaid to avoid bankruptcy.

On September 17, 2013, the bankruptcy court took the teams from the championship level whereby the AC Bellinzona was performed at the end of the table and all the points have been canceled. The joint stock company, including the first team were disbanded.

In March 2014, the Ticino Football Association adopted a proposal that the AC Bellinzona may start on the 2014/15 season back in the second league, the highest regional league instead of the 5 new league. For this purpose, the number of participants was unceremoniously lifted temporarily for a season at 15.


  • Swiss Champion: 1948
  • Swiss Cup: Finalist: 1962, 1969, 2008
  • UEFA Cup: reaching the first main round: 2008/ 09

All time standings

The AC Bellinzona is currently on the 18th place of the eternal table of the Super League.


In the 2008 /09 season AC Bellinzona celebrated its premiere at the international level. As Cup Finalist 2008 gave you the start authorization for the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup as FC Basel was already qualified as a master for the Champions League. The home matches of the qualifying round wore the Ticino in Lugano Stadio di Cornaredo not far removed from, the home stadium of arch-rivals AC Lugano, since the own Stadio Comunale did not meet UEFA standards .. In the first round they changed if the expected larger audience popularity, according to Basel in the St. Jakob- Park.

In the first round was for AC Bellinzona terminus against the Turkish top club Galatasaray.

The pairs are as follows:

Former Players


The Stadio Comunale holds 10,000 spectators, including 2,000 seated. The stadium has been adapted for the Super League, so that the AC Bellinzona is eligible to play.