AC Lumezzane

The AC Lumezzane is an Italian football club from Lumezzane, a town of the Lombardy region. The club colors are red and blue. As the stadium club, Nuovo Stadio Comunale used in Lumezzane, it can accommodate 4,150 spectators.


The club was founded in 1948 and took part in his first season at the Seconda Divisione. Three years later succeeded Lumezzane the rise in the Prima Divisione, then the third highest Italian league. In the 1950s and 60s, the team played mostly in regional leagues, could in between participate through promotions in the Championship Series D. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the club took part in the league throughout operation of the Series D. In the season 1993/94 Lumezzane rose the first time in the C2 series, establishing itself in the following years in the league. 1996/97 was followed by promotion to Serie C1. In the season 2003/ 04, the team reached the play-offs for promotion to the Serie B. After the AS Lucchese Libertas was defeated in the semi-finals, Lumezzane lost the final match against AC Cesena just missing out on promotion.

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