AC Nagano Parceiro

The Athletic Club Parceiro Nagano (Japaneseアスレチック クラブ 長野 パルセイロ, Asurechikku Kurabu Paruseiro Nagano ) is a Japanese football club based in Nagano. The nickname Parceiro comes from Portuguese and means partner.


The club was founded in 1990 by former students of a high school under the name of Nagano Elza SC. The colors orange and dark blue are the Nagano Prefecture represent. Within a few years, the club was able to rise from the local to the prefecture and regional leagues. In 2003, the debut followed in the Kaiser Cup. In 2007 the club was renamed because of trademark infringement. The lioness as a mascot of the team was retained under the name Elza.

Rival is the neighboring Matsumoto Yamaga FC. The games are commonly known as Shinshu Derby. With the rise in the Japan Football League, the team was able to secure second place. Since the club due to the small capacity stadium not yet a member of the J. League was, the climb was denied him.


Stand on 25 April 2012

  • Japanese football club
  • Sport ( Nagano )
  • Founded in 1990