AC Prato

The Associazione Calcio Prato is an Italian football club from the city of Prato Tosk, the current in the Lega Pro Prima Divisione, the third Italian league plays.


In 1908, some soccer-loving residents of the city of Prato, located in Tuscany came up with the idea to found a football club based there. This association was named Società Sportiva Emilio Lunghi. Three years later, in 1911, was renamed Società Sportiva Emilio Lunghi in Prato Sports Club, which is quite similar to the present name. The club colors were laid down at the first club meeting on blue and white, which was reflected in both the jerseys and in the colors of the logo. The name Prato Sports Club retained the club into the year 1937, when the name Associazione Calcio Prato they tried, which the club still carries today.

For the first time in the league play took the AC Prato 1913/14, in part. In the Prima Categoria Tuscany, the first Tosk League, reached Prato Rank 7 This placement could be repeated the following year. The Prima Categoria 1898-1922 was the highest division in the Italian football. It was divided into different regions such as Tuscany and Emilia -Romagna, where the teams from these areas each playing off a winner who then determined against the other season winners the master of Prima Categoria. But this game system was anno 1915 for the time being interrupted. Due to the First World War, the so-called seminal catastrophe of the 20th century, no league games were played from 1915 to 1919. After the forced break played the AC Prato another three years in the Prima Categoria Tuscany before one in 1922 in the Seconde Divisione, the newly formed second division relegation. Two years later, it went even down to the Terza Divisione. In the following years the club always commuted between the second division and third division.

In 1938, a stadium for 10,000 spectators was built in Prato, which bore the name Stadio Lungobisenzio. It was completed three years later. In the early sixties, the Lungobisenzio was too small for the aspiring club and the club's management requested that the city of Prato, the approval for the construction of 60,000 people comprehensive stadium. However, the city government did not grant this plan and did himself a big favor, because long-term perspective such a large stadium in Prato had never introduced the construction costs since the heyday of AC Prato was over soon. 2004 tried the AC Prato again to build a bigger stadium for 20,000 spectators, making the city but not re- approved. A little later, the capacity of the old stadium was even reduced to just under 6,800 seats.

Second-and third-class

Even after the Second World War, by a short break in the game operating in Italy was, the AC Prato shuttled constantly between the Series B and Series C. For the first time after the war, succeeded in 1949, the jump in Serie B, together with AC Fanfulla, Udinese Calcio and Catania Calcio. But already in the first season followed the descent. After a brief stint in the fourth division succeeded the AC Prato 1957 again only to rise in the B series. After two years, we went back down. In such short intervals, we went for the AC Prato on. After a few years in one class we went back into the other and then again after a few years in the other respective league. However, in the early sixties years could guess that the AC Prato would soon be playing top notch. At that time they had talented players like the later Inter-Star Roberto Boninsegna, Vice World Champion in 1970, and Mario Bertini, under contract. But by the renewed decline in 1964 left these good players all the club and went to a top Italian club. These losses could not really cope with the AC Prato in the subsequent period. It was followed by many years in Serie C and even the series D or the Serie C2 were often the flight of AC Prato.

Current Development

Since relegation from Serie B in the season 1963/64, managed the AC Prato not again ascend to the second highest Italian league. It was many years in the third and fourth division. Again and again had to decide whether to remain in the Serie C1 in recent history relegation matches. For example, in 2003/ 04 against Pro Patria Calcio. But usually then succeeded again the direct promotion back to Serie C1. This procedure the present second-division UC AlbinoLeffe or the former top U.S. team Alessandria Calcio were defeated in the play-off games for example.

In recent years, the club in Serie C2, now called Lega Pro Seconda Divisione in established. 2008/ 09 it failed in the play- off matches to move up to Giulianova Calcio. A year later the play-offs with a sixth place were just missed.

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