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AC Schnitzer is a trademark of KOHL automotive GmbH, a company based in Aachen vehicle tuner for vehicles of the BMW Group since 1987. The AC on behalf of the brand stands for " Aachen ". The company has but common roots with Schnitzer Motorsport is an economically and legally independent company.

Brands and Products

The range includes individual components such as suspension, sports exhaust systems, interior or alloy wheels as well as complete vehicles and performance increases for gasoline and diesel engines. A large part of the accessories can be purchased directly from the BMW dealer. More complex conversions are undertaken in Aachen. Worldwide AC Schnitzer components available in over 50 countries.


  • In 1987, founding Willi Kohl, owner of the carbon automotive GmbH in Aachen, and Herbert Schnitzer, owner of Schnitzer Motorsport in Freilassing together the company AC Schnitzer, with its headquarters in Aachen. In the same year, debuting with the ACS7 based on the BMW 7 Series E32 AC Schnitzer first car at the IAA in Frankfurt. Furthermore enters AC Schnitzer BMW 635 CSi with a DTM in the German Touring Car Championship.
  • 1988 AC Schnitzer comes with Manfred Wollgarten, now head technology, as a driver with an AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport Group N (based on BMW M3 E30 ) in the DTT ( German Touring Car Trophy ) on. At the same time you send Andreas Wetzelsperger on AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport Group N rally (based on BMW M3 E30 ) in the rally circus hunting for points.
  • 1989 celebrates the ACS 3 Sport based on BMW M3 E30 world premiere at the IAA.
  • 1991 World premiere of the ACS3 silhouette 3.0 ( based on the BMW E36 ) on the IAA.
  • 1992 Move from the headquarters of the carbon automotive GmbH in the Neuenhofstraße in the new AC Schnitzer building in the Debyestraße in Aachen.
  • 1993 At the IAA in Frankfurt presents the AC Schnitzer AC Schnitzer ACS3 CLS (Coupe lightweight silhouette ) based on the BMW M3 E36.
  • 1995 World premiere at the IAA: the AC Schnitzer CLS II (based on BMW M3 E36).
  • 1996 Relocation to the new building at the Neuenhofstraße 160 in Aachen - back to the ancestral home of the carbon automotive GmbH
  • 1997 for the anniversary "10 years AC Schnitzer " shall be a limited edition of 10 copies on special edition: the AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.2 compact " 10 Years Limited Edition" ( based on the BMW E36 compact ). In the same year, the first BMW Z3 celebrates with a V8 engine - the AC Schnitzer V8 roadster ( based on the BMW Z3 roadster) World premiere at the IAA.
  • 1999 AC Schnitzer ACS3 The ART (Advanced Racing Techonology ) based on the BMW 3 Series Coupe E46 makes its world premiere at the IAA.
  • 2001 builds AC Schnitzer BMW's first SUV - the AC Schnitzer X -ROAD
  • 2003 World premiere: AC Schnitzer shows the TOPSTER - three years before the BMW Z4 Coupé comes on the market - already own a coupe version at the IAA.
  • 2005 AC Schnitzer TENSION based on BMW M6 E63 makes its world premiere at the IAA. A few weeks later " crack " he Nardo world record with 331.78 km / h, making it the fastest road-legal BMW
  • 2006 World Premiere of the AC Schnitzer PROFILE based on the BMW M Coupe E86.
  • 2007 AC Schnitzer GP3.10 GAS POWERED based on the BMW 335i Coupe celebrates its world debut at the IAA. A short time later he is setting world record for LPG - powered cars in Nardo with 318.1 km / h
  • 2009 World record: The AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d Coupe based on the BMW 335d drives in Nardo with 288.7 km / h world record for diesel cars in the same year celebrates the "TUNE IT! ! SAFE "Police BMW 123d by AC Schnitzer ( BMW 123d Coupe based on E82 ) World premiere at the Essen Motor Show: the first" TUNE IT! SAFE! " Campaign vehicle with AC Schnitzer conversion.
  • 2010 The "TUNE IT! SAFE! "Electro Police MINI by AC Schnitzer MINI E on the basis of its world premiere. He is the second "TUNE IT! SAFE! " Campaign vehicle.
  • 2011 celebrate two AC Schnitzer vehicles world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show: AC Schnitzer 99d ( 230 kg weight saving, diesel, 190 hp, 234 km / h and 99 g CO2 emissions ) based on the BMW Z4 E89 and AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport S (on base the BMW 550i F10), the AC Schnitzer preview of the then not yet available BMW M5 F10. In the same year, the AC Schnitzer EAGLE min on the small track in Hockenheim the fastest MINI with a lap time of 1:12,3.
  • 2012 world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show: the AC Schnitzer ACS5 Sport based on BMW M5 F10. In addition, AC Schnitzer builds the Raptor RAPTOR (based on MINI Cooper S John Cooper Works Coupé) the unofficial fastest MINI in the world, with a time of 1:10,87 he is officially the fastest MINI on the small track in Hockenheim.


  • Germany at it's best - The State of North Rhine -Westphalia has the concept car, the AC Schnitzer GP3.10 GAS POWERED, for best performance "fastest LPG car in the world " award.
  • Auto, motor und sport - Best brand Readers' Choice Best BMW Tuner 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • Auto Bild Sportscars of the Year - Reader's Choice
  • Auto Zeitung Top Brand - Reader's Choice - Best BMW Tuner, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011


The company is represented at several fairs with own project vehicles. So, for example, reached in 2006, the project vehicle " Tension" on the basis of a BMW M6 on the high speed oval in Nardo Italian the title of " fastest road-legal BMW in the world". The 406- kW -powered car ( 552 HP ) under its test runs 331.78 km / h Another record was achieved by the ACS GP3.10: In Nardo he arrived as the fastest LPG car in the world 318 km / h


The fastest BMW in Nardo (2006)