AC is an abbreviation for:

  • General Convent, general meeting at fraternities and sororities; see Convent
  • America's Cup sailing competition
  • Animal Crossing video game series by Nintendo
  • Ante partum Christ, before the birth of Jesus
  • Apology of the Augsburg Confession
  • Appellation d' Origine, wine classification in France
  • Artist 's Copy, copy of an object for the artist or publisher, see bearing a reproduction
  • Assessment Center
  • Associazione Calcio (German: football club ), club name Italian football clubs
  • Automobile Club
  • Companion of the Order of Australia, see Order of Australia

Companies, political parties, associations, societies:

  • A. Cação Automóveis, former Portuguese automobile manufacturer
  • AC ( automobile manufacturers ), British automobile manufacturer
  • Academischer Club to Hamburg, one existing today merger of Kösener Corp. students in Hamburg
  • Action Congress of Nigeria party
  • Aero Club
  • Air Canada, Canadian airline after the IATA code


  • Access concentrator, broadband access server
  • Adult Contemporary, widespread radio format
  • Air conditioning, see Air conditioning
  • All Clear ( " delete everything " ) when calculators
  • Alternating current, designation for alternating current, AC voltage used for
  • Audio conference, English for a conference call
  • Chevrolet AC, car model from 1929

Chemistry, physics, mathematics, sciences:

  • AC ( complexity class ) in theoretical computer science
  • Adenylate cyclase, type in the cell membrane -bound enzymes
  • Aerodynamic center, term from the flow theory
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Axiom of Choice, the concept of set theory, see Axiom of Choice

Places, establishments:

AC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: Aachen region
  • UK: Peterborough
  • Norway: Halden in the province Østfold
  • Sweden: Diplomatic Algeria
  • Serbia: Aleksandrovac
  • Ukraine: Volyn oblast

A. C. stands for:

  • Appeal Cases in the English judgment collection The Law Reports

A / C stands for:

  • Air Conditioner, Eng. for air conditioning
  • Aircraft Engl. for aircraft
  • Alternating Current, Eng. for AC

Ac stands for:

  • Acetyl group in the organic chemistry ( see also acetic acid ( HOAc ) )
  • Acidum, Latin for acid
  • Actinium, a chemical element
  • Altocumulus clouds form in meteorology

A-C stands for:

  • Hydrogen-free amorphous carbon layer, see carbon layer

. ac, ac stands for:

  • . ac, country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of belonging to the United Kingdom Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Alicyclic, alicyclic compounds see
  • Anticlinal, perpendicular to the surface, see cell division
  • Ascension, as a top -level domain

Ac stands for:

  • Acre, Anglo-American unit area

A c. (with spaces) stands for:

  • Anni currentis, Latin for " current year ", see List of Latin abbreviations

A / c or ℀ stands for:

  • Payment on account, payment to

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