Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea is a European non-governmental scientific society, founded in 1988.


At a preparatory meeting, which was held in June 1986 by the Royal Society in London, came Arnold castles of the United Kingdom, Hubert Curien from France, Umberto Columbo from Italy, David Magnusson from Sweden, Eugen Seibold from Germany and Ruud van Lieshout from the Netherlands as representatives of these countries to the conclusion that it was time to establish a European scientific society.

Then in September 1988 came at a meeting in Cambridge establishing this company, which operated initially under the name of European Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Letters. Its first president was Arnold Burgen. The first General Assembly was held in London in June 1989. At this time the company had 627 members. The aim of the company is, among other things, to improve the understanding of science among the public and to promote. Present place of business is London.


The Academia Europaea organizes among other things, annual meetings, which are each under a general theme. The meeting of 2006 in Budapest under the slogan " Brain, Mind & Matter ". The annual meeting 2012 in Bergen, Norway, with the title Northern Seas - The European dimension instead.


Membership is acquired by invitation to European scientists as proposed by an advisory committee. The choice is confirmed by the Council of the Society. Currently the company has about 2,000 members, including 38 Nobel Prize winners. Well-known German members are, inter alia, the historian Hans Mommsen and physicists Rudolf Mössbauer and Karl -Heinz Kampert.

Published busbars

The Academia Europaea since 1993, publishes, among others, the journal " European Review ", which is published quarterly, peer reviewed and is subject to their magazines each dedicated to specific priorities.

Moreover, appeared regularly until 2009 a newsletter called "The Tree", which was subsequently replaced by an electronic newsletter.


  • Arnold Burgen (1988-1994)
  • Hubert Curien (1994-1997)
  • Stig Strömholm (1997-2002)
  • Jürgen Mittelstraß (2002-2008)
  • Lars Walloe (since 2008)

Awards and prizes

The following awards are presented by the Academy.

  • The Erasmus Medal ( awarded annually )
  • The Gold Medal of the Academia Europaea (ad hoc)
  • The Russia Prizes ( awarded annually )
  • The castles Scholarships ( awarded annually )