Academia Secretorum Naturae

Academia Naturae Secretorum (Italian Accademia dei Segreti ) was the first or one of the first scientific academies in Europe.

The Academy was founded in 1560 in Naples, the Italian polymath Giambattista della Porta. Originally, he wanted to bring other scholars of his work Magia naturalis his views ( 1558 ) is closer and explore the secrets of nature. Condition of membership was to possess or to represent new knowledge or views in science. An access or membership of the Academy without condition also existed. The members called themselves Otiosi ( loafers or men with leisure ).

Over time, probably after 1570, when exactly is unknown, it came to an ecclesiastical investigation by the Inquisition and Giambattista della Porta was instituted by Pope Gregory XIII. cited to undergo a hearing to Rome. The Academy was founded in 1578 by order of Pope Gregory XIII. resolved because there was a suspicion around magic and sorcery. Personal or church Giambattista della Porta consequences for there was not but. During the time of the Academy and his work on cryptology was entitled De Furtivis literarum notis, which he published in 1563. The camera obscura was further developed in time.