Academy of Country Music

The Academy of Country Music (ACM ) was founded in 1964 by Eddie Miller, Tommy Wiggins and Mickey and Chris Christensen under the name of Country & Western Music Academy in Los Angeles. 1965 Board of Directors was determined by the first chairman Dick Shofield.


The aim of the ACM is the promotion of country music, the American West Coast is in the foreground. These seminars are held, promoted young artists, promotes local musical events and contacts with industry. In addition, charity events are carried out or supported.

ACM Awards

The most important event is the 1965 held annually awarded the Academy of Country Music Awards, ACM Awards shortly. Since 1972, the award show will be nationally broadcast live on television - first in Los Angeles, since 2003 from Las Vegas. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Artist of the Year ( Entertainer of the Year )
  • Song of the Year ( Song of the Year )
  • Single of the Year ( Single of the Year )
  • Album of the Year (Album of the Year )
  • Best Singer (Top Male Vocalist )
  • Best singer (Top Female Vocalist )
  • Best Duo (Top Vocal Duo)
  • Best Group (Top Vocal Group )
  • Best New Artist ( Best New Artist )
  • Video of the Year (Video of the Year )
  • Musical Event of the Year (Vocal Event of the Year )

In addition, the Pioneer Award is awarded for outstanding service to the country music by the Executive Board of the ACM. A complete list of award winners can be found here.


Anyone who earned country music his livelihood, Professional Member may be, at present there are more than 3,000 of this type of members. Followers and supporters can join as an Associate Member, 2006, their number is about 35,000.

The members elect a vote, which is also possible online since 2004, the annual winners of the ACM Awards. In the major categories only Professional Members are entitled to vote.